Eradicate Your Infertility Condition With Ovidac HCG Injection

Ovidac (HCG) injection is a popular medicine used in both male and female patients who are dealing with infertility. Ovidac contain Human chronic gonadotropin (HCG) is a principle component. It is a polypeptide hormone that is produced by syncytiotrophoblast (a fertilized egg) later than the conception. Polypeptide hormone plays an important role in the normal growth of egg in a women’s ovary and stimulate the egg release in ovulation. Ovidac also helps to increase sperm count in men.

HCG is a hormone which is naturally produced by women placenta at the time of normal pregnancy. This medicine’s action is similar to luteinizing hormone (LH), because this hormone is known to cause ovulation.HCG is highly effective in helping female patients to become pregnant. This medication also helps male’s patients who are suffering from infertility issues. It enables to produce high amount of testosterone.


Ovidac HCG interacts with the LHCG receptor of the ovary and increases the preservation of corpus luteum during the start of pregnancy. It results in the secretion of progesterone which in turn changes the uterus lining.  HCG is similar to LH and it also induces ovulation in the female ovary and increases the production of testosterone in the testes. HCG works on interstitial cells of the testes which lead to the formation of androgens.

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  • Ovidac HCG is available in the form of injection that is taken via intramuscular route.
    Dosage in the case of women: They need to take one injection of 5 000-10 000 I.U. of this medicine in a week.
  • Dosage in the case of male: They need to take one injection of 1000-2000 I.U. of medicine, from 2 to 3 times every week. It is always better to get help from your health care provider at the time of administration.
  • In case you forget to take a dose of this medication, then take it as soon as you remember. Do not take two doses of Ovidac injection at a time.
  • Never take this medication more than recommended dose. In case of emergency, contact your physician straight away.
  • This medication can cause some mild to severe side effects such as pelvic pain, stomach pain, swelling or breast tenderness, lack of appetite, feeling sad, loss of pleasure, enlargement of penile, flushing of skin, hives, headache, redness, itching at the injection site. Contact your doctor in case if any of these side effects become worse.

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  • Avoid taking this medication if you are allergic to it or any of the other components present in this medication.
  • In case of early puberty i.e. precocious puberty.
  • If you have hormonal related cancer (prostate cancer).
  • If you are facing heart, kidney, epilepsy or asthma disorder, do not take this medication.
  • If you have thyroid or adrenal gland disorder.
  • Avoid taking this medication under undiagnosed uterine bleeding disorder.
  • This medication should not be taken by pregnant or breast feeding women as it can cause birth defects to the developing fetus.


  • Do not take this medication if lyophilized aseptic powder is decolorized.
  • Always take your health care provider help, in case you do not know the proper way of administering this drug.
  • Never share this medication with anyone, even if both of you have the similar symptoms.
  • Always use sterilized needle for injecting.
  • Always keep HCG in a proper temperature, away from excess heat and moisture.
  • Tell your doctor if you are using any vitamins, herbal products, minerals and drugs along with this medication. Do not start using new medications without informing your doctor.

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