Sexual health is something that decides the future of your relationship. Couple’s relishing their sensuous life in a perfect manner are declared to be happier more than those who live apart for their earnings and other issues. Intimacy not only improves the physical bonding between the two individuals but deepen the mental and emotional bonding of the two. The problem exists when the men are not able to hold his erection for duration essential for the completion of sensual lovemaking act.

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This may either occur due to excess indulgement in porn like watching porn films, reading intimacy based articles, taking the glimpse of sexually proving photographs. Sometimes the excess masturbation or enjoyment with porn toys and devices can also affect the health of male intimate organ to adverse and can drop erection at the time of actual involvement in the physical sensual activity with the partner. Fildena is a therapy that can act as a blessing for you to counter from such type of shameful or helplessness situation.

Fildena 50mg is a sensational pack of tablets used for the management of erectile failure of the penile region in men. It is defined as an incapability of men to attain and maintain a powerful erection for the lapse enough to complete the sensual act with amusement. Fildena not only upgrades the length of intimacy period but revamp the measurements of the penile too. Thus, the medicine blesses the couple with an unforgettable sexual experience. Buy Fildena 50mg  online from our website bestgenericstore.

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Fildena 50mg incorporates Sildenafil citrate as a key dynamic module. This module is a cGMP-specific Phosphodiesterase type-5 Isoenzyme inhibitor that manifests its effect by calming the smooth muscle fibers underneath the rich vascular tissues of corpus cavernosum of the penile region and encourages the dilation of blood vessels. Thus, advances the flow of blood in the groin or penile region to make the lovemaking organ stand erect for improved duration than usual.

The person struggling with the disability to hold a power pact firmer erection can consume this medicine an hour in lieu of indulging in cozy and private moments. There are various different strengths available in the market for the active ingredient formulation called Fildena, but it is good to initiate the therapy with the lower strength of 50mg if you are a beginner or consume as per the physician’s prescription. The patient can consume the medicine orally via mouth with an enormous amount of water either on the empty or full stomach. The dose once swallowed makes its effect for the duration minimum of 4 to 5 hours. So, do not repeat the dose within the span of 24 hours else might cause Priapism, that is develop tear and rash over the skin of penile region.

The patient can come across some troublesome effects after the consumption of medicine Fildena such as lower back pain, mild headache, blurred or hazy vision, facial flushing, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, skin rash, and prolonged or painful erection.

The patient relying on Fildena therapy must evade the ingestion of alcoholic beverages and excess coffee intake in simultaneous else may aggravate the side effects like bleeding. The intake of grapefruit or grapefruit juice and rich fatty meals like cheeseburger or pizza should also be avoided to prevent any delay in the absorption of medicine into the blood stream. Driving a vehicle is also not a safe option after the intake of medicine as the drug might enhance the drowsiness or dizziness in the patient, which can make him less responsive to his actions.

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