Are you looking for acne treatment? Use Aziderm Azelaic acid cream

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions for visiting a dermatologist and many of them are adult women. It is a myth that only teenagers suffer from acne as acne can occur at any age group almost everyone will suffer from acne at some point in their adult life. It is not fair that many woman fights acne and wrinkles at the same time. The common reason of acne in adult female is related to fluctuating hormones. Hormones fluctuate in adults and in woman, there are normal monthly fluctuations pregnancy, pre-menopause, post pregnancy, and menopause, it is a wonder that anyone has clear skin. Fortunately, there are treatments available to control acne as acne can be managed with the help of medication.


Aziderm Azelaic acid cream is a frequently used medical product for the treatment of mild to moderate acne. It is a topical treatment penetrates the skin and stops the growth of a certain form of bacteria that can cause acne. It can also be used for the treatment of Rosacea in adults. Rosacea is a skin condition of spots that usually affects parts of the face such as nose, cheeks, and forehead. This medication prevents the spread of spots or whiteheads, pimples and blackheads, which take place in acne lesions.

Azelaic acid cream helps to clear up these skin blemishes as well as controlling the outbreak of new acne. Azelaic acid cream falls under the class of drug called as an antibacterial medication. Bacteria causes irritation and inflammation on the skin, which is thought to cause infection of acne lesions of the skin. Azelaic acid inhibits the production of acne-promoting fatty acids by these bacteria. Both actions of this medication help unblock oil ducts in the skin that cause pimples and blackheads as result acne dries up. Azelaic acid also has keratolytic properties that block the formation of the thickened skin cells of the upper skin layer.

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The dosing regimen of Azelaic acid cream: Before application of Azelaic acid cream for the treatment of acne, wash the affected area with lukewarm water and soap, rinse, and pat dry. Take a sufficient amount of cream on your finger and gently apply on the skin. For proper mixing or distribution of cream, massage the affected area during application. After application of this cream, wash your hand immediately. You have to use Azelaic acid cream continuously for the full course of treatment even if your condition improves. After application of this cream, do not cover the affected area until your doctor tells you to do so. You should consult the doctor if symptoms do not get better within 4 weeks or if they get worse.

Precautionary measures while using Azelaic acid cream:

  • Azelaic acid cream is only for external use only, therefore, you should not use this medication to other parts of the body like eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • You should not use any other topical preparation while using this medication and for use consult the doctor.
  • In the case of children, this medication should be used under proper medical guidance.
  • Consult the doctor before use of this medication if you are a pregnant and breastfeeding
  • A woman should confirm allergic test before using this cream if you found yourself allergic to any ingredient consult the doctor for treatment.

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