Women ability to prevent or delay pregnancy is fundamental to women ability to choose how they live their lives. The introduction of the Pill and other birth control methods has enabled women around the world to complete their education, chase their dreams, and create relationships that are more unrestricted.


Most of the women want contraceptives that are effective and safe, simple and modest to use and protect against sexually transmitted infections like as HIV/AIDS. Regrettably, the perfect method does not exist. However, advances in birth control tools have created more choices than ever before, making it more likely that you can find an alternative that meets your individual needs. Yasmin Birth control pills are one of that birth control tools that fulfill your entire requirement.

My friend Kammie, also used to take Yasmin birth control pills, that works well in her case and fulfill all of her requirement. Besides the use of traditional rubber, she used to take some pills to prevent pregnancy. She was in her 17 when she gets her first boyfriend. As an overly cautious person, she wanted to be sure there was no way she could get pregnant. She was willing to pay a couple of dollars a month for the daily Yasmin pill in order to keep those worries at bay.  The Yasmin pills work well too; with them, she becomes successful in pursuing her dream, her education and her relationship with a boyfriend. However, birth control pills put some effects like weight gain and mood changes that fade away with time.

Yasmin pills come under the category of Combination Birth control pill that encloses of two significant hormones called estrogen and progestin. The united action of estrogen and progestin hormones prevent pregnancy by suppressing ovulation means the release of an egg from the ovary and increases the tackiness of cervical mucus thus, making it harder for sperm to move. These hormones also make some modifications in the uterine lining and making it thorny for a fertilized egg to attach there.

Yasmin pills are accessible under the pack of 21 tablets. It consists of 21 hormonal pills only. You have to administer one dose on regular basis without any gap started from the first day of menstruation or from first Sunday after menstruation. After achievement of the pack, take a gap of 7 days to complete the dose. After the break of 7 days, you can start with a new pack of pills from 28th day onwards.

birth control yasmin 

Not even, try to miss the single dose, if in case you forget to take the dose takes it as soon as possible, or consume two pills together and so on. However, if you miss more than two doses, then stop taking birth control pills and start up with the new pack of pills. As it may spoil your pill cycle and increases the chances of pregnancy.

Be alert while taking birth control pills if you are allergic to any ingredient of Yasmin pill. Quit smoking and alcohol intake while relying on birth control pills. The use of Yasmin pill is contrary if you are having medical issues of uterine cancer, blood clots, and ovary cancer. If you are nursing women, then stay away from its use.



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