You are a very young person of age 27 and have gym fit athlete body. You are the managing director of the one most popular medical company in New York, which manufacture and sale various category of drug. You have a woman as personal sectary in office, who organize all your meeting and take care of your personal thing.  She is very cute, sexy and charming girl. Deep inside in your heart, you like her and want to make her love for the whole night. Your sensual power turns on when she revolves around you.

Vidalista 40 mg.jpg

One day at late night in the office, when whole office staff left the office, you are alone there with you sectary. As she come close to you and serves you a cup of coffee, her hand touches your hand and you get excited. You put the cup on the table and hold her from her back very tightly started kissing her. Firstly, she pushed you away from her, but as your lips touch her lips, she also gets excited and starts enjoying cuddling and kissing activity. Slowly and slowly, you came more close to her, stripped out her top, and revolve your finger around her whole body. Now the time of final wicket came and you get involved into intimacy, but you realized your cock is not getting harder even in aroused condition. You think that you might be a victim of ED. As you are MD of the medical company who sold ED drugs too, you take one pill of vidalista tadalafil 40 mg  and win the match of intimacy with a hard erection.

Vidalista is very popular and bombshell medication for those who are suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction. It encloses of Tadalafil as a main functional moiety. Tadalafil is well-approved medication by FDA for the cure of erectile failure.

It comes under the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor class of drug, which increases the blood flow into male penile by relaxing the smooth muscles of blood vessels. The main working of Tadalafil is to obstruct the activity of PDE-5 that is liable for poor blood flow. Blocking of PDE-5 prevents the breakage of cGMP into a male reproductive organ, which leads to increases amount of cGMP into male penile. The increased amount of cGMP give rise to sufficient amount of blood flow, results into hard and stiff erection for lovemaking activity.


Commercially, suggested a dose of Vidalista is 40 mg tablets. A man should have to administer one pill of Vidalista once in a week as effects of medication resist into man body for 36 hours. Men have to take a dose of 40 mg orally 30 minutes prior to intimacy with sufficient amount of water. You can consume the medication with or without food but not with high-fat content.

Do not take Vidalista if unwell due to liver, kidney, blood, heart and allergic disorder. Avoid intake of alcohol, grapefruit juices, and nitrate derivative while taking a dose of Vidalista. Take caution while driving and machinery work. In the case of overdose prolong and a painful erection occurs, if last for longer, seeks doctor advice immediately.

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