We all understand that intimacy is very crucial part of love life, trust; understanding, caring all is just mere part of the relationship. Female needs enjoyable and pleasing love making from their partner and if men fail to fulfill his partner demands, it leads to unsatisfaction in both men and women. The enjoyable and pleasing intimacy would be achievable if men get a harder erection and prolong ejaculation time, but the lack of anything makes men impotence and to his partner unsatisfied. All these things at the end lead to relationship distortion. As if you get a hard erection, but ejaculate within one minute of penetration then it left your partner incomplete, or if you did not get a hard erection for penetration, then it left both of you unsatisfactory. So, if you know about your impotency issues, then take the help of medication at right time. A very useful combination medication is available in the market that cures both the issue of soft erection and premature ejaculation known as Super Vidalista 80mg.

Super vidalista

Brief overview of Super Vidalista-

Super Vidalista is a remarkable brand that consists of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine as the working essentials in combination. Tadalafil executes its stroke as a remedy for treating penile failures and Dapoxetine is a successful therapeutic option for the situation of premature ejaculation. Thus, a blend of both is prescribed to treat both the conditions together. Sexual stimulation has to be present there after taking the medication.

Working action of Super vidalista-

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor while Dapoxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). The mixture of both in one brand of Super Vidalista aids in the treatment first by jamming the PDE-5 enzyme to boost the blood circulation and further with Dapoxetine to augment the ejaculation time by controlling the reflex action. This gives you the hard erection for the achievement of required duration by delaying and controlling the ejaculation time.

Dosage regimen of Super Vidalista-

Super Vidalista tablet comprises of 60mg of Dapoxetine and 20mg of Tadalafil. Swallow a tablet of Super Vidalista via the oral route at least half an hour prior to physical intercourse, with enough quantity of water. The dose starts its working within 15 minutes and shows for up to 36 hours. Therefore, it is always suggested to maintain a gap of three days between dosing of two times.

A user may observe some side effects like as of Headache, Nausea, Hazy vision, Dizziness, Redness of the face, Runny nose, Drowsiness, Heartburn, Back pain.

Medically unfit males related to heart, liver, kidney, genitals, bleeding or blood pressure disorder need not take these medications. The condition of allergic reactions to any component of the drug is contradictory for the use of Super Vidalista.  Avoid this drug if you are consuming Nitrate medication or any other drug. Limit the alcohol ingestion with Super Vidalista medication else, side effects may exaggerate. Grapefruit products and high fatty meal need to be eluded while using Super Vidalista medication, as these products affect the drug absorption.

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